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5 common causes of hip pain and how to find relief

A sore hip affects your quality of life because it literally impacts every facet of movement and the pain patients feel takes a toll on their mind as well.

All hip pain is not equal in terms of the severity or duration, and it’s best to have a specialist properly diagnose your problem and put you on a treatment plan that reduces the intensity of the agony.

Here are five common causes of hip discomfort:

Arthritis: Arthritis sufferers feels stiff and have a reduced range of motion. The condition is common in older adults and inflames the hip joint while breaking down cartilage that softens movements between your hip bones.

Tendinitis: This condition is generally caused by overuse and stress from repetitive motions. It occurs when tendons, thick bands of tissue that attach muscles and bones, are irritated and inflamed.

Muscle or tendon strain: White tendinitis is more of a long-term injury, a muscle or tendon strain can be equally as debilitating. It’s also caused by overuse to the muscles, tendons and ligaments that support the hip.

Bursitis: This is another inflammation of important material meant to soften the impact of activity on the bones, muscles and tendons. Bursae sacs should east the friction of tissues rubbing against one another, but when they are irritated the sacs cause pain in the hip joint.

Labral tear: Your labrum, when functioning properly, holds the ball at the top of your thighbone within your hip socket. A rip in the labrum cartilage is a tear to the outside rim. The injury usually afflicts people who perform repetitive twisting movements.

Treating hip pain

Sporadic low-grade hip pain can be relieved by taking an over-the-counter medication or anti-inflammatory. Icing the area of pain, stretching and engaging in low-impact exercise can also help, but chronic discomfort should be examined and treated accordingly.

Same-day appointments are available with Mendelson Kornblum specialists, who can inform you on the source of your distress and recommend a plan to make you feel better.

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