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Hand & Upper Extremity

Our hands and upper extremities are essential for performing daily tasks and activities, making injuries or conditions affecting these areas particularly debilitating. Synergy Health Partners is here to help.

Need a Hand?

Your hands touch every aspect of your life. You can trust that you’ll receive only the highest level of care with our hand specialists. We treat all conditions of the hand, wrist, elbow and forearm in patients of all ages. We treat the simplest to the most complex conditions and provide a comprehensive evaluation and treatment plan.

Award-Winning Hand Surgeons

We are proud to introduce our Comprehensive Hand Specialist and Occupational Therapy Team. Dr. Kyle Bohm and Dr. Anna Babushkina promise prompt appointment scheduling and excellent care. Each physician works closely with our Certified Occupational Therapists, allowing their patients to receive complete hand care.

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How do hand, wrist, and elbow injuries and conditions usually occur?

Hand, wrist, and elbow issues most often occur due to activities involving repetitive movements, such as typing, assembly line work, or playing sports. These actions can strain ligaments, cause muscle tears, or lead to fractures due to the stress placed on these areas. Improper technique, overuse, or inadequate warm-up routines may also contribute to these issues.

In addition to overuse and activities, sudden impacts or accidents can cause acute injuries like fractures or dislocations. Conditions such as arthritis can develop over time due to wear and tear, leading to chronic pain and stiffness in the joints.