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One in Five Americans Suffer from Bunions!


Bunions are progressive and don’t go away on their own! Seeing a foot and ankle surgeon when you have a bunion is important, as it helps evaluate the severity of the deformity and form a treatment plan that is best for your condition.

Nonsurgical treatments will not reverse the deformity itself, although they may reduce the chance of damage to the joint and ease the pain of bunions. If the pain begins interfering with normal daily activities, surgical intervention will typically be the next step.

Until recently, the procedure had been very painful and the recovery difficult. However, there has been much advancement in surgical techniques that allow patients to return to normal activities sooner. Recovery from a surgery typically takes four to six weeks.

Foot and ankle surgeons implement pain management techniques following bunion surgery, including using nerve blocks, postsurgical pain pumps, and vitamin C and calcium supplements. These let patients recover fully with minimal pain.




If you have a bunion and would like to explore your options for treatment, give Dr. Jeffrey B. Klein a call today!

Your feet tell a story…Dr. Klein is here to listen!




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