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At Synergy Health Partners, we are committed to providing a care experience that champions the patient, focuses on comprehensive wellness, and delivers a seamless healthcare journey.


Putting You at the Center of Care

Your wellness journey shouldn’t be a maze. Synergy Health Partners makes musculoskeletal care simple. Our full-service clinics offer everything you need to feel better, all in one place.
We provide a seamless path to healing, addressing all your musculoskeletal needs, from head to toe. With specialists covering multiple disciplines, our team helps patients navigate their care journey every step of the way, from scheduling the first appointment to managing post-treatment care. No running around, no confusing back-and-forth — just simplicity and ease.

How Our Integrated Care Approach Works

We are Michigan’s premier destination for comprehensive musculoskeletal care. We offer a unique lifecycle approach to managing your condition, delivering tailored treatment plans, cutting-edge surgical interventions, physical therapy, and more to ensure you receive the highest quality care.
You can easily schedule virtual, same-day, or next-day appointments, enjoy convenient on-site imaging and pharmacy services — and rest easy knowing your health is in expert hands.

Step 1

Schedule a virtual, same-day, or next-day appointment

Step 2

See a specialist and get a personalized treatment plan

Step 3

Access on-site imaging and pharmacy services

Step 4

Receive ongoing care from our experts.

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At Synergy Health Partners, our renowned spine specialists use their extensive training and experience to provide expert care to patients. Our doctors are affiliated with the best hospitals in Michigan — providing patients with the most advanced and proven medical care.


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SHP Clinic: Livonia

SHP Clinic: Livonia

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