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Shoulder discomfort: 4 reasons that could be behind your pain

Shoulder pain can be vexing to those who suffer from the discomfort that sometimes is generalized and confused with neck and back problems.

The shoulder itself – an area where several joints combine with tendons and muscles to allow a wide range of motion to the arm – is a complex and critical part of our bodies and needs to be treated with the attention it deserves when something doesn’t feel right.

Mendelson Korblum specialists can help you find the source of your pain and here are 4 typical causes:


This is fairly simple: You’ve suffered a forceful impact of some sort on an athletic field, in an accidental fall or a car crash. The consequences could be basic bumps and bruises, but there could be much more severe issues up to and including a broken collar bone, rotator cuff tear, dislocation or separated shoulder. The treatment options vary for all injuries and our orthopedic staff will set the course for your recovery.

Muscle strain

Pulling and straining a muscle can take place in the course of normal daily tasks or from a sudden burst of activity, particularly when engaged in sports or at work. The damage can be to the muscle itself or attached tendons and it takes an expert to determine the exact source of pain and a way to treat the injury.

Strain symptoms include:

· Swelling or bruising

· Pain when used or at rest

· Muscle or tendon weakness

· Inability to use the muscle at all


Most tendonitis comes from a repetitive motion that wears down the tendon that connects muscle to bone or other tissue. The overuse results in significant pain and limits a range of motion while also compromising the ability to perform specific tasks.

· Acute tendonitis comes from overuse during a specific time, such as pitching or throwing a football.

· Chronic tendonitis results from degenerative disease due to wear and tear due to age, with rotator cuff injuries being a common problem.


Shoulder pain often arises from arthritis, wear and tear that results in joint inflammation, swelling, pain and stiffness. There are many types of shoulder arthritis that can lead people to avoid shoulder movements, but that can often make it worse. Consult with a Mendelson Kornblum specialist to find the best treatment to keep your shoulder in best shape and allow you to remain active.

If you are experiencing shoulder pain, contact Mendelson Kornblum today to find a solution.


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