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Blood Flow Restriction

Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) training, also known as occlusion training, is a technique used in physical therapy and exercise science to promote muscle growth and strength using low-intensity resistance exercises combined with restricted blood flow to the working muscles.

Blood Flow Restriction

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Assessment and Screening

The physical therapist assesses the patient’s medical history, current fitness level, and any contraindications for BFR training. Contraindications may include certain cardiovascular conditions, blood clotting disorders, and specific injuries.

Selection of Cuff and Equipment

Our therapist selects appropriate BFR cuffs or bands that are specifically designed to safely restrict blood flow while allowing venous return. The cuffs or bands are then connected to a BFR Machine that automatically calculates the patient’s blood pressure. Our BFR Machine allows for greater accuracy than the standard manual procedure.

Pressure Setting

The BFR Machine adjusts the pressure of the cuffs to a personalized and safe level based on the patient’s limb size and tolerance. The goal is to restrict venous blood flow while allowing arterial blood flow to the working muscles.

Low-Intensity Exercise

The patient performs low-intensity resistance exercises using weights or resistance bands. The resistance used is typically much lower than what would be used in traditional strength training.

Repetitions and Sets

BFR training involves higher repetitions and multiple sets with short rest intervals between sets. The exact number of repetitions and sets can vary based on the patient’s goals and condition.

Gradual Progression

Over time, the therapist gradually increases the intensity of the exercises and adjusts the pressure settings as the patient adapts and becomes more comfortable with the training.

Cool-Down and Post-Exercise Care

After the BFR training session, the patient is guided through a cool-down period and advised on any necessary post-exercise care.

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